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A wall heater is a new device you want to have a perfect temperature at home when winter comes. It’s also the best way to improve your home living, increase its value, and become one of the most energy-efficient homes in your location. However, the best wall heaters are the ones that can operate separately from any other central heating system while at the same time is having the chance to mount on them easily. 

Today you may find the best gas wall heaters that remain the top preference of many people in western countries. It’s evident that only with the best wall mounted heater can you have an upraised internal environment that keeps a constant stable temperature all day long without getting affected by the bad external weather.

On the other hand, you also have the best electric panel heaters that have come to stay. Since most homes become energy independent from the power network and use their own panels to produce energy, it’s easier and less costly to have wall-mounted heaters that use only electric power. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the various features only the best wall heaters have. It will be extremely useful for your final choice and give you more incentives to know more about the heaters in general and their technology.

Type of Gas

First, you need to know the type of gas used in all the best wall heaters you will install. That is necessary to know before you install them since your location may not have an availability for all of them. 

  • Natural

Natural gas is what the local network provides to its members. All the best wall heaters use that type of gas to operate and give a higher calorie output to their installed houses. Natural gas has the lowest price per cubic foot compared to any other type of commonly shared energy. 

  • LNG – Propane

Another popular type of gas is the one that is called LNG and is carried in large vials. You can use that kind of vials to heat up your space efficiently though you need to physically pose them in your premises and connect them to your best wall heaters directly.


One of the major qualities for the best wall heaters remains the hourly gas consumption. That is measured in a cubic foot, and the bill comes at the end of each winter month.

It’s necessary to choose your heater according to its ability to burn the gas slowly and give the best of its thermal intake to the internal environment. Not all wall heaters have the same energy efficiency and heating capacity, so you better be ready for some comparisons before your final decision.

Easiness to Mount on Walls

Another way to get the best wall heaters is to examine whether or not they are easily mounted to the wall. The right devices will always come with a detailed installation manual, the bolts, and screws needs, giving you more time to talk to specialized personnel who can perform the whole procedure.

Connectivity to Current Heating Installation

If you already have a home central heating system, you need to ensure that the best wall heaters are going to match that infrastructure. Otherwise, you need to make some costly replacements that will not be effective for your family budget.

Exhaust Gases Mechanism

Every gas heater should have an apparent and effective exhaust gases mechanism. That means you should know where to place that exhaust pipe to have less disturbance for you and the neighboring properties.

Automatic Ignition

Most high-end wall heaters have an automatic ignition to start the burning flame without your physical effort. You can take advantage of this automation to ensure you always have a unanimous distribution of heat around your house, no matter its size.

Remote Control

Finally, today all the best wall heaters come with remote controls instead of the standard front panel. That means you can be at the ease of your sofa and press the buttons to ignite the burner. There is the chance to adjust the temperature to the optimal levels and be ready for action.

Tips to know before buying the best wall heater

Here are some tips you need to follow if you want to have the best wall heaters and stay satisfied by their performance:

  • First, Check the BTU

The BTU is the amount of energy they deliver to your premises. Ensure that this number applies to the thermodynamic studies performed by your mechanic for your house.

  • Ensure the cost is right

That is important since costs have been rising over the past years, frequently exceeding your presumed budget.

  • Check all the certifications

The certifications are important to have a precise knowledge of how the heating system works. You need to know they are certified by world agencies to keep a higher standard of health conditions in your house.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Wall Heaters

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StiebelEltron has been the king of the heaters since the last decades of the twentieth century. This one operates only on electricity and consumes only 1500 Watts of energy at full speed. It’s a lightweight model made from stainless steel and plastic parts.

The mounting position on the walls is easy to achieve, and the manufacturer offers all the equipment to do it right, even if you are a novice.

A detailed manual comes with this device to show you all the various features and make sure you understand all the precautions.

You need to connect it to a power socket that can stand the 120 Volt and give you a constant flow of electricity.

The heat comes from the resistance elements inside, and the air is heated up in the device and then comes to the surface by the ventilation system.


  • It comes with an ultra-quiet fan.
  • There is a trendy on and off switch on the side part.
  • The booster timer makes it easy to program it.
  • There is an even heating draft design for your ease.


  • It has fewer years of warranty compared to other models.
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It’s one of the most efficient heaters in the online market. Envi has been creating quality home devices for years. The current model is a modern electric heater mounted on any wall without any hard-to-find and operate equipment.

It has an inverter mechanism to preserve the electric energy when the resistances reach the optimal temperature. You have the chance to adjust the ventilation to three distinct speeds and make the whole house warm at once. 

This device may also work in AC and DC power networks. You have the chance to connect it directly to a power socket since it has a great cable length. The remote control is there to give you a higher independence in igniting the device and giving it all the orders for the right temperature adjustment.


  • There is a totally silent fan exposure that is useful for families.
  • You can take advantage of the limited warranty offered.
  • Many adjustments for inner temperature are quite efficient.
  • It’s consuming less energy than other similar models.


  • You cannot ship it to all the countries worldwide due to restrictions.
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Heat Storm is one of the newest brands in the market of wall-mounted heaters. The present model is the first one to use electric power as the main source of power for heating up the room.

The whole device has a convenient and compact size, and the weight it less than the other competitors in the same class. There are all the bolts and screws needed for wall mounting, including in the package.

The detailed manual is always there to show you the various features and give you an insight into the installation process.

You can mount the heater on the main living room wall and expect the heat to diffuse towards all the house rooms evenly. There is also a quite satisfying front panel with an LCD screen and LED indications to show you the temperature and the current heating status.


  • It can connect to your smartphone through a convenient application.
  • Its safety has been certified by the ETL committee.
  • The device is quite energy efficient compared to other models.
  • You can carry it with you anywhere you go, even if you prefer to mount it on the walls.


  • It only comes in white color.
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Even if you don’t know what are the heating needs of your new house, the current wall-mounted heater can do the job on any occasion. It is one of the newest models created by Broan the world leader in heating equipment.

The current model is compact and can fit on any wall or window frame no matter the size.

It also comes at a moderate weight and could be carried with you in case of relocation. Since it consumes only electric power to divert heat in the rooms, you can choose between the various options.

There is a 750 Watts and one 1500 Watts option for heating. That means you can adjust the consumption when you want to have an immediate heat wave come towards you during the coldest winter days. A ventilation system is quite silent and efficient to give you more incentives to buy the device.


  • It is made from stainless steel for higher durability.
  • The coverage area may exceed 150 square feet for your ease.
  • Its motor is permanently lubricated for better performance.
  • There is a front panel with an LCD screen to allow you to check the temperature.


  • You have no access to remote control.
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Cadet Com-Pak is the newest invention from the Asian company that has taken the market by storm. It has been dedicated to the Eastern markets with harsh winter conditions and seek an electric heater with high quality and efficiency.

The current model comes in white color that is more adaptable to houses across the world. The energy consumption rate comes up to 1500Watts, which is quite affordable for most countries. You can easily mount it on the wall without the need to have specialized knowledge of equipment. 

The longer power cord makes it easier to find the right socket to plug it when working. You have access to the front panel to adjust the temperature and check the various fan features easily. The latter is quite silent and gives you a high durability and heat diffusion when the cold weather becomes unbearable. 


  • You get an optimal thermostat feature for your ease.
  • The heater has a quick heat distribution to the room.
  • The minimalistic design is better for your home aesthetics.


  • The warranty is valid for fewer years.
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KING PAW has been the first company to experiment with higher watt output for their devices. The present heating device is wall-mounted and can give you a total of 2250Watts heating output.

That means you have an equivalent electric power consumption that is cheaper in some of the countries where this device is sold. You can pick any color you like for the front panel and mount it on any wall using the internal mounting kit.

You have access to a phone line where the after-sales service is valid from a central level. The detailed manual is always there to give you a list of the product features.

You can heat up the house in zero time when picking the maximum fan output. The latter is quite silent and gives you a better endurance to high rotational speeds. You can only control it from the front panel and there is no remote control.


  • It comes with 5-years of limited warranty.
  • It’s the only device made in the USA.
  • The cage blower is extra quiet.
  • You have access to multiple wattage options.


  • It weighs more than other similar models.
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Here you have the Dyna-Glo that is one of the most efficient air heaters in the world. The current model works with propane and can be mounted to the public gas network. The valves on the rear panel are there to offer you maximum security and safety when operating it.

There is also an emergency shut-off valve in case there is a gas leak. You can mount the gas heater on the walls and expect fast heating of your room no matter the external weather conditions.

The ignition of the initial flame is automatic, and you can control it through the front panel. Even though there is no remote control, you can use the front panel that is easily accessible. The heat gets transmitted through the infrared rays and not a fan.


  • It comes with elevated infrared technology.
  • The improved heat circulation is a certain plus. 
  • You also have a floor installation option.
  • There is a manual control system for maximum safety.


  • You may not use electricity to warm up the room.
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If you want to become the home heating champion, you need to consider the Broan model. That is the new one giving you up to 4000 Watts of pure electric energy heat that spreads quickly in your room using a fan.

The capacity is for a large home over 180 square feet and offers you the chance to adjust the heating fan speed for optimal results. You can mount the heater on the walls and make it look a lot more stylish in your room. There is no remote control, and you can have all the functions available in the front panel just next to the grilles.

The resistances can warm up quickly and consume less electric power than other models in the same category.

This heater comes in a compact size that meets all requirements for elegance and comfort while being extremely stylish. You may carry it with you when relocating.


  • It has a heavy-duty stainless steel gauge.
  • There are downflow louvers to send the heat to the floor.
  • You have access to a thermostat that is quite resilient.
  • The front panel is easy to access.


  • It would help if you replaced the fan after several years of use.
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Now, this is the success story of Dyna-Glo that has been delivering exceptional wall heaters. The present series is the one that uses natural gas directly from the public network.

It is quite efficient to use natural gas since you need at least half the portion burnt compared to the electric power equivalent. This heater works with infrared technology, and there is no need to have a fan and make things worse in terms of noise.

This model can reach up to 30,000 BTU of heating energy delivered to your room. That is a massive heatwave that can instantly warm up any room, no matter the external temperature.

You don’t need any electricity to operate the device since the ignition happens with the well-known piezo-electric way. It’s one of the heating devices that are more than 99% efficient and give you the chance to heat your house at a significantly lower cost.


  • You have a floor installation option.
  • There is a chance to upgrade the system with a fan.
  • The manual control system increases your safety.
  • It comes with blue flame technology.


  • You can only order it if you live in the Americas.
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