How To Clean a Wall Heater with Safety Measures


The winter season is the primary reason that calls for the need for a wall heater. It would be best if you had an effortless way to keep your house warm without the traditional method of chopping and lighting firewoods. After you’ve invested in the wall heater, the next thing that will definitely bother you later or sooner is how to keep the heater clean after a long time of use. Of course, this can be not comforting, but you find wall heater cleaning the most straightforward task to do with this article. Cleaning a wall heater does not necessarily require the application of any chemical substances.

Four Easy Ways To Clean Your Wall Heater

Wall heater cleaning is an integral part of household chores that you need to incorporate into your monthly cleaning routine. Below are the four important and easiest ways to clean your wall heater:

  1. Turn Off the Heater: cleaning the heater requires you to turn it off entirely and allow it to cool off before cleaning. This is to prevent you from sustaining a burnt injury while cleaning.
  2. Disassemble the Parts: several wall heaters on the market come with removable covers. The primary function of this cover is to prevent the heater from absorbing dirt and debris from the environment. This helps you prevent air blockage. It is essential to take off any removable parts with a screwdriver to ensure you reach the inner part of the machine. Meanwhile, avoid disassembling or breaking through the inner part of the heater that does not have screws.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner Hose Attachment: roll the vacuum cleaner hose over the complete unit to absorb and blow away dirt and debris.
  4. A Clean Wet Rag: the cleaning of wall heaters do not require using any chemical substance to enhance their durability. Then a clean damp rag will do it better. Wipe the unit with a wet rag. A bucket of warm water with light dishwashing soap would be best for heavily soiled heater units. This helps you remove hard debris effortlessly without damaging the heater. Don’t leave the removed parts or cover unclean.

After the cleaning, wait for a few minutes while the parts dried off, then reassemble the unit.

Safety Measures For Wall Heaters

Using any electric appliances in your home requires knowing the safety precautions, especially wall heaters. Below are some vital safety measures for wall heaters:

  • Avoid leaving the heater on when not in use. This will lower the power consumption and also prevent your home from potential outbreaks.
  • According to some manufacturers, leaving the heater overnight is safe, but it is necessary to keep it off before sleeping to ensure your safety.
  • Ensure proper installation of the unit. Some heaters are wall-mountable while some are not. The heaters that are not wall-mountable ensure appropriate placement to save space. Wall-mountable heaters should be installed appropriately on the way to prevent unnecessary dropping off.

Heaters are a fundamental unit especially during winter, and it gives you comfort. However, cleaning is as essential as having it. Also, proper safety will prevent you from the hazard of the unit.

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